Getting started in magic means that you need enough tricks to do a magic show. Generally, the more cool and easy magic tricks you have, the better and longer your show will be. Card tricks for beginners, however, have to be simple, but still cool enough to impress. Many magic card tricks can be done from a regular deck of cards; beginners should learn a few of them, and put them in there routine.


This first trick is very simple; this is a find the spectator’s card trick, and it is a twist on another trick like this one. The first thing you have to do is get a deck of cards and fan them out in your hand. Next, ask someone to pick a card, look at it, and then put it back in the deck. Now, here is where the magic happens. When the spectator is looking at the card, cut the deck, and quickly look at the bottom card of the deck in your top hand and remember it. Next, tell the spectator to put the card back in the deck where you cut it. Now, give them the deck and tell them to shuffle it. Now, ask for the deck back and located their card. The secret to finding the card is simple; the card the spectator picked will be in front of the card you remembered. One thing you must know is that the odds of your card being separated from the spectator’s card during the shuffling are low, but it still can happen, so do not do this trick too many times.  Because this trick is so simple, it is a card tricks for beginners that anyone can try.

Learning lots of beginner card tricks can help you because the more you have, the better you will get.  Learning from a book is a good idea as well.  Here are some of the best beginner card trick courses worth having. The last link is a DVD, if you want to learn faster.



card tricks for beginners

Easy tricks, yipee

To practice doing some beginner tricks, check out these few videos.; these are some very cool and easy tricks.  This trick is a simple trick, but it has many steps, so you have to see it to understand how to do it. In this trick, you will find the spectator’s card again, but in a fun way; it is involves three 8s.

Here is another fun find the card trick.  When it comes to magic card tricks, a card can be revealed in many different ways.  A good magician has tons of find the card tricks in their routine, like this one where the magician’s plan is to throw the spectator’s card.

Here is a trick that requires two decks of card, and it requires some prep work, but overall, it is a fun trick to do.  This trick will leave the crowd with their mouths hanging.

There are lots of card tricks for beginners  where you find the card, but this one is very cool. The reason why this trick is so cool is that you shuffle the deck, which makes them think you have no way of finding their card, but you will. This trick seems like it is a lot of work, but it is one of the simplest and easiest magic card tricks for beginners. The steps to doing this trick cannot be explained without seeing it, so check out the video.

The simpler the card tricks the better, and you cannot get any simpler than this card trick. Basically, this trick will about revealing the same card in four piles of cards, and the cool thing about this trick is that the trick works itself out. This means the only thing you have to do is a little prep, then perform the trick.

There are many other card tricks for beginners around, and the more you learn, the better your magic show will be.