Whenever magic shows came on television, David Copperfield was usually the main attraction or part of the show.  He is a very successful magician that has many world records, which is why he is the magicians magician.  He also has won Emmy awards, and Forbes has listed him as the most successfully magician in history, so young magicians can learn a lot from him.  Any David Copperfield magic show was always a success.  David Copperfield is best known for his story telling during his magic acts and his comedy.


If you are a fan of magic you have to see David Copperfield Illusion.  The link is below.


David Copperfield – Illusion


David Copperfield is not this great magician’s real name, his actual name is David Seth Kotkin.  The magicians of today like to use stage names too.  He started doing magic in his neighborhood because he was a shy boy.  He continued to do magic at age 12 to get dates.  As a teenager, he started to teach magic classes at New York University.  During his teenage years, he found a love for theater; he always sneaked in Broadway shows.  He really liked the musicals act on Broadway a lot.  At age 18, David got the lead role in a play called The Magic Man while enrolled at Fordham University.  While at the university, he started to used the stage name David Copperfield from the book which has the same name.  The David Copperfield magic show has been successful even since.

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David Copperfield did not get this first television debut until 1977; he generally was not looking to be on television.  He was discovered by Joseph Cates who was a producer of Broadway shows and television specials.  He choose Copperfield to be the host of a show called The Magic Of ABC.  Copperfield went on to do more magic specials called The Magic Of David Copperfield, which aired on CBS between 1978 and 1998.   Copperfield did 20 magic specials overall between 1977 and 2007. The magicians of today do lots shows like Copperfield, however, he has set the bar high for magicians who want to pass him.  During his awesome career, he his made appearances in movies such as Terror Train, but most fans like to see Copperfield doing magic.

Copperfield’s most stand out performances are on his Illusion DVD; it is a must own for anyone who is a fan of magic or you never seen a David Copperfield magic show.  This DVD includes many magic tricks from his shows throughout the years; magic fans need to have this in their collection.

Copperfield has done many tricks; some of his most famous tricks was vanishing The State Of Liberty, flying, and walking through the Great Wall Of China.  When Copperfield did these tricks on television, they were usually done at the end of the show.


Besides magic shows, Copperfield has other magic related merchandise for his fans too, such as DVDs and books.  Out of all the magicians merchandise around today, Copperfield’s work is worth seeing.  The DVD called Illusion, as mentions earlier, has some great magic acts on it, and fan will really love it.  His book is a good read as well because it contains stories about magic acts told by David Copperfield.

The Magicians Of ABC – David Copperfield