Magic is great to watch because it is just so amazing.  Magic is fun to do, but to truly learn and perform it well, you have to see some of the magic show acts done by the best magicians.  Magic is not as popular as it was years ago, but it is still cool. The magic shows tv in the 90s were usually about an hour long, and they were awesome.  Watching a magician in action is a cool way to learn proper techniques and it helps improve your skills with a crowd.  Because of this, you should consider watching professional magicians during their performances.



One of the easiest ways to watch magic shows is when they air on magic shows on TV, however, the magic show or shows of the 90s do not air anymore, and those were some of the best ones.  Years ago, especially during the holidays, networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX always aired magic shows, and they were awesome.  Today, however, there are no magic shows around, but there still is a way to enjoy their acts from the awesome shows.  David Copperfield, Chris Angel, Lance Burton, and Penn and Teller are some of the many magicians you need to watch when they perform during their magic shows. There are tons of DVDs available featuring some of the best magicians.  The advantages to having the DVD of the magicians are that you get extras and special features.  Some of the extras will give you access to the magicians after the show, and you might learn some extra tips from the magicians themselves.  Another cool thing about having a DVD is that you can enjoy watching your favorite magicians anytime you want.

Lance Burton is one of the best magician around and his DVD as worth seeing.  His Magic Made Easy Volume 1 DVD teaches you cool tricks, and his Secrets of Magic DVD give you lots of helpful information along with the secrets to some of his cool tricks. 


the magic show

I'm a champ at doing magic


As mentioned, earlier, those shows of the early 90s do not air anymore, however, I found a cool Lance Burton show.  Get a bowl of popcorn and enjoy.

When it comes down to it, there is nothing like watching the magic show live in person, and the best place to do it is by going to Vegas.  Vegas is the best option because there are magic shows everywhere featuring some of the best magicians.  Although Vegas is great, it is not the only option when it comes to kids, because if they love magic, finding a kids magician to perform is the simplest way to go.  Magicians like to perform for crowds, so the best place for a kids magician to perform is a school.  Getting the magic show for kids at school is as simple as running a fun raiser or talking to everyone is your community about having a special event for the kids at school.

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