During dinner time, everyone is eating, and their attention is on the food, so it is a good time to bust out some dinner themed magic tricks.  The cool thing about during magic tricks at the dinner table is that the tricks are dinner related; the props will be items like dinner rolls or a fork.  Dinner time easy magic tricks for kids has to be simple, magic lessons for kids will not be needed; some tricks, however, do require a little prep work.  Do the prep work in another room, otherwise other family members will know that you are up to something.



Dinner time magic tricks have to include dinner items.  There are lots of dinner tricks that kids can learn and perform in the books.  If your kids want to do magic before or after dinner, the books below is an excellent choices, find out more about by clicking any one of the links.


In the mean time, here are some dinner tricks kids can try.  The first trick does not require any type of prep work, but you do have to get in a certain place at the dinner table.  The trick is called the Bouncing Dinner Roll and the trick makes everyone think that you are bouncing a dinner roll off the floor.  The reason why you need to sit in a certain seat at the table is because you do not want anyone to see the secret to the trick.  Basically any seat will work as long as no one is on the sides of you, everyone has to be in front of you.

Bouncing Dinner Roll

easy magic tricks for kids

So easy puppies can do them

The Balancing Egg is one of those easy magic tricks for kids that is very easy to learn, and you only have to do a little prep work when no one is around.  You just need a bit of salt and something to cover it up with.  This trick will make the egg look as if it is balancing on its own.

Balancing Egg Magic Trick

The Pepper Trick is a cool trick that does not have to be done at the dinner time, but it can if you want to do a small dinner table magic show.  This trick requires a few things and a little prep work, because in this trick, you make the pepper move on the water when you touch it with your finger.  The secret to this trick is dish soap, which will be on your hand.

Pepper Trick

Making a glass balance on a dish is a cool and it is one of those magic tricks for kids that may require the help of a parent.  This is another trick that requires a bit of prep.  This trick uses a glass and a plate, and you will make the glass balance on the plate, and then balance it on a super thin playing card.  As mentioned earlier, trick may need the help of an adult due to the used of scissors,  however, it is a still one of many easy magic tricks for kids that they should give a try.

Balancing Glass

A very neat after dinner trick is called the Tooth Pick Pulse, which makes a tooth pick seem like it can read a pulse.  This trick only requires a tooth pick, and it is a nice trick to do on a sibling.

Toothpick Pulse

If you happen to have a bottle of water at the dinner table, you can do the No Gravity Ketchup trick.  This one is an amazing trick that makes everyone think you can control at packet of ketchup.  You have to prepare this magic trick before you do it because you have to have the right ketchup packet.  If you do not have a good one, the packet will not float up and down for you.

No Gravity Ketchup

Easy magic tricks for kids have to be fun, like this.  Most tables have salt shakers, so the Vanishing Salt Shaker trick is a proper trick for the dinner table.  No prep work is needed for this cool trick.  Basically, you just put the salt shaker on the table and cover it with a napkin, and then you make it disappear.  Another cool salt shaker trick is the Magnetic Salt Shaker trick, which makes your finger magnetic and the salt shaker will stick to it.

Disappearing Salt Shaker

Magnetic Salt Shaker

Fun Easy Magic Tricks For Kids