Magicians who really love magic generally dress the part.  Dressing the part is fun, and it is helpful in so many ways as well.  Doing magic tricks in normal clothes is ok, but it is better when you are wearing something that says you are a magician.  When it comes to doing full magic shows for the public, wearing something like a top hat or a cape will help you get notice.  Even if you do not plan on during full shows, having magic based gear can still benefit you.


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When it comes to being a magician who does full shows, wearing some sort of shirt or magic based apparel will help you.  Suppose you decide to do a magic show for a school, and you perform in normal clothes.  When you walk down the hall, the teachers might think you are a student‘s parent, but if you dress like a magician, you will not have this problem.  When kids see you walking down the hall in a top hat, they will get excited and ask to see tricks.  The most kids see you before the show, the more hyped they will get to see you perform.


Back in my day, magicians wore tuxedos

Looking like an old school magician is cool too, but not for everyone.  Old school magician always wore suits doing their magic show, along with white gloves.  The tuxedos usually were blank and had a split in the back of the jacket.  The advantage of a wearing tuxedo is that anyone who wears it instantly stands out.  If you walk into a room wearing one, people will know you are some kind of performer.  The negative thing about wearing a tuxedo is that it will get hot during the summer, especially during outdoor shows.

Casual people can benefit from wearing magic based gear as well; by wearing a magic t shirt or a cap, you will get the attention of other magic fans.  When going out to see a movie, put on a tee to show everyone you love magic; when other people who love magic see it, you can make some new friends and even exchange magic tricks.  There is nothing better than gaining new magic tricks to add to your routine and helping others with their routine.

Other magic related items are worth having too such as note cards and stickers.  Note cards are a good way to get the word out about your upcoming shows in style.  Stickers are cool for the kids at your magic show.  The cool thing about stickers is that they are sold in bulk and kids like to share them.  Each time the kid gives a sticker to a friend, they will mention the stickers came from a magic show.