Generally there are two types of magicians, the regular magician and the comedy magician. Each one is great, however, comedy magician tend to have a bit more fun. Adding comedy to a routine is a good idea, in fact, most regular magicians add bits of comedy to their acts too. The greats like David Copperfield and Lance Burton use comedy to make the audience laugh and giggle during their magic show all the time. Overall, every magician needs to learn how to do magic tricks with comedy because it makes the show more interesting and fun.

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The key to doing comedy during magic shows is deciding which places you want to add funny jokes during the show. One of the best spots to throw in a few jokes in before you start doing your tricks. Getting the crowd warmed up with laughs is a good idea because jokes will get them focused on you. When you do tricks before the show, try to keep them short because everyone will want see your magic tricks as soon as possible. About two or three jokes is enough; after that, bust out your first trick.

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If you want to learn how to do magic tricks with comedy, you need to know one thing; full comedy magic shows and a normal magic shows are completely different. A comedy magic show generally has extra funny types of props that help play out the jokes. For example, a magician might have a goofy toy character that he makes talk during the show and then he make the toy do some magically stuff. When it comes to the others types of tricks, a comedy magician can make any magic trick funny, no matter if it is a card trick or a prop trick. Comedy magician also always have many tricks where someone comes on stage. Comedy magicians need audience members to play off of during the show; when they do this, they always ask the crowd member questions and then make fun jokes around the person’s job and other things. Comedy magicians also like to talk about what that person is wearing and how the person is acting during the trick. Getting laughing during the show is a comedy magician’s number one task, and magic is second. Check out how Chipper Lowell does it.


Regular magicians who use comedy, however, only throw in comedy in short bits throughout the show. Magicians who are story teller, like Copperfield, only use comedy during certain tricks and when audience members come on stage, check out the video in the post Fun Ways To Use Magic Like A David Copperfield Magic Show. Normal magicians like to have a show filled with lots of magic tricks and sprinkles of comedy. So no matter if you want to do a show as a comedy magician or a normal one, learn how to do magic tricks with comedy you have to be funny during your routine at point to keep the crowd interested.