The classroom is a place to learn new things, but sometimes class ends a little early or starts late, and kids do not have nothing to do until the bell rings.  During this time is a great time for magic tricks for kids, and if the tricks are good enough, they can even impress the teachers.  Magic tricks to do a school are cool; the best stuff to use are things already found at school, such as pencils, books, and paperclips.


Classroom magic tricks can be done for fun and they can help kids get good grades as part of a school project.  Because getting good grades is more important than doing magic tricks for fun when it comes to the classroom, kids should try doing education based tricks first.


Many of the magic tricks are science based magic tricks so they can be shown as a project in science class.  There are lots of science base tricks that kids can do, many of them are found in kits here are a few I recommend.


When it comes to learn math with magic, it can be a lot of magic and educational.  Here are some of the ones that kids will love using.

The first of the regular classroom magic tricks is an easy trick to do, and all you need is a pencil.  This trick will make it look like the pencil is stuck to your hand using magnetic energy.  Do this trick before a test, and the other classmates will be wondering how you did it.  To do this trick, you have to make sure you are in a good spot in the classroom or other kids will see the secret.  This trick only requires a pencil.

Learn How To Magnetize Your Pencil

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Pay attention

This is a cool magic trick that kids can do before class starts, but they will need a coin.  If you have lunch money, this is a good one to use.  This trick will have your other classmates mouths hanging in amazement.  This trick does not have to just be performed in the classroom, you can do it on the playground, or even at home.

Get The Steps For Go Go Quarter

This magic trick for kids can be done by grownups too because it is fun and simple to learn.  This trick makes a dollar flip upside down with magic, which will make other kids wonder.  This trick is nice to do when paying for lunch in the lunch line, or it can be done in class right before lunch when the other kids are getting their lunch money ready to buy their food.  Out of all the magic tricks to do a school that involves money, this is one of the best.

Check Out The Topsy Turvy Dollar

This trick is very, very easy, and once you show it to your other classmates, they will show it to other people, but that is not a bad thing because it is just a funny trick.  All you need is a dollar bill to do this trick, so display this trick in the lunch line or before lunch starts.

Learn The Smiling Georgie Trick

The jumping rubber band is a fun to do trick if you happen to have a rubber to tie something up with, such as a group of cards or something.  You can also bring your own rubber band to class to do this trick.  This magic trick for kids is one of the simplest tricks because all you have to worry about is keeping your fingers a certain way.

Learn How To Do The Jumping Rubber Band

The book test magic trick is an easy trick, but you can’t just do this trick anytime, you have to prepare for this one ahead of time.  Once you have prep work done, you can perform it, after you practice it a few times.  This trick is about making the other kids think that you can see through the book they choose.  This trick require a few books, and they have to be paper back books.

Get The Steps For The Book Test Magic Trick

This next classroom magic trick is one of the best magic tricks to do at school; it should be done after class because it requires a lot of steps, and if you do this trick rushed, you might mess up.  So do not do this trick before class, instead, do it when you have time once class has finished.  You should also consider doing this trick during recess, that way you will have lots of time to do this awesome trick.

Learn The Coin Under Watch Trick Which Is One Of The Coolest Coin Based Magic Tricks For Kids

These tricks should be enough to make classmates smile and wonder.