When professional magicians go on stage to do a show, they always talk clearing, and they have the crowd hanging on every word they say. Magicians have confidence and good speaking skills, which this is very important for performers. Having the ability to do stand in front of a room of people and talk about something is a skill that magicians need and non magicians too. When you have the skill to talk clearly without getting nervous, then you are on track to become a professional magician who can do cool and easy magic tricks without any problems, like Lance Burton, check out his speaking skills.


During magician shows is fun, but even the professional magicians get nervous. Nerves is something you do not want if you want to be a magician. Lets say you want to do a show for a large group of people. You are pumped up and ready to go out and perform for everyone. You have all your tricks ready and you studied them well. You then go out on stage start to talk to the crowd, but as you look at the many people staring at you, you get nervous. This is not a good thing because this leads to unclear talking, and mess up speaking skills When it comes to doing magic tricks, talking is key. Many tricks have to be setup so that the crowd knows that to expect; if you go out there and stumble over your words, everyone will be confused. This is even worst when you invite someone of stage to be a part of the show. That person will excited to see magic up close, but if your speech is not clear, the trick will not work as you plan. On top of that, nerves will also make your hands shake, with is not a good thing for sleigh of hand tricks. Overall, when it comes to doing magic shows, there is no avoiding nervous, but there is a way to control it and here is how.

Public Speaking Extraordinaire - gain confidence to speak in public


Speaking skills also are helpful before and after the show. Magic shows need crowds, and to get them, you have to be willing to stand up and tell people or hand out cards. When you are doing these things, you cannot just hand out your cards and say, please come to my magic show; you have to sell them on the idea that your show is the best around, and to do this, you need the proper skills. Even after the show is over, you should go out in the crowd and talk to your fans. When your fans see that you have confidence on the stage and off, they will respect your much more.

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