Magic tricks are awesome, but most of them take time to prepare, but not these tricks.  These cool and easy magic tricks take little time to learn, and you can do them for your friends in minutes.  These cool card tricks can be done with any deck of cards, you will not need a special magic deck of cards.  Chris Burton is an expert at card tricks, check him out


Chris Burton’s tricks are super cool, and he is giving away the secrets of one of his tricks for free along with free access to his weekly Secret Vault newsletter. Go ahead and get the free tricks and join his newsletter by clicking the link.

Learn One Of Chris Burton’s Cool Card Tricks

Basically there too types of card tricks; there are the basic card tricks and the cool card tricks.  The basic types of tricks are the ones you see most of the time at magic shows; these tricks are wonderful, but they will not have people talking about them the next day.  The cool tricks are the types of tricks that when people see them, they tell all their friends.  A cool trick also helps the magician stand out more and be noticed.  If you are serious about about doing amazing card tricks, then I highly recommend you join Chris Burton’s paid membership because you will get lots of videos that teach you how to do outstanding tricks that will leave people with their mouths hanging.

The best part about knowing how to do cool card tricks is using them in fun and exciting ways.  One of the best ways to use the tricks is in public places.  Suppose you are waiting at the bus station for the bus to arrive; pull out your deck of cards and show the person next to you a cool magic trick.  Do the trick successfully, and before you know it, other people will be standing near you watching you do your thing.  Parties are another place you can bust out your cool tricks.  Pick the best ones, and you will have a fan base before you know it.

Generally, you can use cool card tricks casual or you can use them as part of your own magic show.  Without a doubt, the tricks in Chris Burton’s magic course are so good people will actually pay to see them performed.  You can easily take some of the tricks in the course and do a show with them at your home or your backyard.  All of the tricks will amaze grownups and kids, just remember to not do the same tricks over and over for the same crowd because you do not want them to find out the secrets to the tricks.


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