When it comes to doing cool magic tricks and illusions and sleight of hand magic tricks, nobody does it like illusionist, Lance Burton.  Lance does sleight of hand tricks with beauty and flair; watching him in action is a treat for fans.  Lance is also a fancy performer; from his snappy bow tie to his neat suit, when people saw Lance Burton, they knew his was a magician.


Lance started out in magic at a young age; he was just 5 years old.  He was at a magic show at his mother’s factory during a Christmas party, and a man named Harry Collins did a trick on him; he made a coin come out of Lance’s ear.  From that point on, Lance loved magic.  He told many people in his neighborhood about the magic show.  Because of this, one of this neighbors decided to give him a book called Magic Made Easy; Lance learned all ten tricks from that book.  After that, he decided to do tricks for other kids in his neighborhood; he charged each of them a nickel.



Watch me make this watermelon disappear

Harry Collin, who has a full time illusionist, noticed Lance Burton’s love of magic, and decide to mentor Lance during his teenage years.  Lance Burton became a great magician as a teen due to his help.  The mentoring paid off, because in 1977,  Lance entered a magic contest, and he won first prize.  A few years later, he was given a reward called the Gold Metal Of Excellence from a group called the Brotherhood Of Magicians.  Once he turned 20, he moved to southern California, and before long, he was on TV.  He appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and he did a routine there.   Johnny Carson must have seen sometime special about Lance Burton as he watched him during his rehearsal backstage, because he let him do a 12 minute unprecedented routine.  He returned to the show 10 more times while Carson was hosting, and 10 more times during Jay Leno’s hosting run.  He also done some tricks on the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson.

Illusionist, Lance Burton does his magic tricks and illusions in unique ways, so young magicians can learn a lot from watching his shows.  Hand magic is not easy, because if you make one mistake, the trick is ruined.  To be the best magician at sleight of hand magic, you have to practice and then practice some more, generally in front of a mirror.  If you can do sleigh of hand magic tricks successful for your family members, then you can do them successful in front of a crowd.  Just remember to stay calm and relaxed, and do not be nervous, because you cannot do hand magic tricks with shaky hands.  The best way to calm your nerves is to get to know the crowd, tell some jokes; once you feel as if the audience members are your friend, you are ready to perform.

Illusionist Lance Burton