When a magician does a great magic show, there were important things that made the show a success. If you want to know how to be a magician, each key factor is needed, and some of them cannot be purchased; they have to be learned. When the performer has all the elements, the overall show will be fantastic, and the crowd will leave wanting more.


The most important thing that a magician needs is trick variety, because when a magician does nothing but one type of trick, the crowd will get bored. When it comes to doing tricks, certain individuals generally like certain types of tricks. Card tricks are great for grownups because they understand the cards, but younger kids may have a difficult time following along. Kids like tricks where something magically appears or disappears after the magician does something cool. Because of this, you need a mix of card tricks and kid friendly tricks, along with cool tricks for all ages. You also need enough tricks so you can do more than one show and no one sees the same trick twice.  There are other things you need to know about as well, tons of things, which is why you need the ebook Become A Successful Magician For Fun Or Profit.  This book will teach you how to be a magician in more detail, plus you get a bonus book full of cool tricks.  Click the books to find out what information you will get in the each ebook.

One factor that some beginners magicians lack, but is greatly needed, is a sense of humor, especially if the magic show is going to be for just kids. A good joke will keep kids laughing, because when they are laughing, they will less likely boo you. Kids are tough critics, so if a magician is bad or boring, they will let the performer know. If possible, try telling jokes based on the tricks you are doing. For example, if you are doing a magic trick that uses an orange, tell a quick joke about an orange.  There are many joke books around, but the joke book in the link below has enough jokes for your magic show.  Besides humor, a magician needs to know how to handle cards, here is a video to help out.


Can I please come to your magic show?

Another thing that is important is stage presence. You cannot just jump on the stage and do tricks, you have to perform. A magician has to be able to setup the trick by talking or telling a story. When this is done correctly, the tricks will be much more interesting. Looking around and talking loudly and clearly is also important. If you do not pronounce a word right or you explain the trick wrong, your trick will not be as impressive. It is also helps to react to the crowd. Do not just do your tricks and then move on to the next one; ask questions and get to know your crowd. Overall, just go out and act as you naturally do, and the crowd will love you even more.