Magic show are hits at a kids party if you do them correctly and have the right tricks.  Stage presence is also important for anyone doing a magic show for kids, because you have to act a certain way to keep the kid’s happy during the show.  A party is an ideal place to test out your magic skills, and if you do a good job, the children will be begging for more once your show is over.


When you are doing to do a magic show for kids at a kids party, you have to look the part.  Sure, you can walk into the room wearing normal pants and a normal tee, but if you dress up a little, kids will be more excited to see your show.  You can go all out and wear a suit if you like, or you can take small pieces of a magician’s dress code and come up with your own style.  For example, you can dress like you normally dress and just put on a top hat or a cape.  Cool tees are also a good choice if it has some sort of magic theme item on it like a magic wand or a bunny rabbit.  Here is one of my designs featuring a bunny rabbit, feel free to change the text under the image if you want or the color of the tee, click the link to see it.

Cool rabbit with green jumpsuit.  Change the text to “nothing is up my sleeve”.

kids party

Time to party

Choosing the tricks you are going to do for a crowd of kids is not tough, however, you just have to carefully pick the ones that they will understand.  Card tricks are cool to have when performing at a magic show for kids, but some kids may have a tough time following along when they have to remember a card in a deck.  Generally, the best magic tricks for kids are the ones where the magician makes something disappear or appear out of nowhere.  They also like prop based tricks that are big enough to see.  When a room or area is crowded, this is not good because kids will want to see everything the magician does on stage, so it helps to have big props to keep the kids in the back of the crowd happy.  Kids also like when they get to help out with the magic tricks, so be sure to included a few tricks like that in your show.

Nothing will make kids boo faster than a boring magician on stage, which is why you need to be exciting and have a bit of humor when you are performing.  When kids do not like something that will let you know, so practice before you do your show at the party.  Make sure you can do your tricks correctly without mistakes and practice on your speech during the show.  You will want to make the kids laugh a bit as well, so if you know a few jokes that related to a trick, use them, because the kids will enjoy your magic show even more. One of the best magicians who knows how to entertain kids is Lance Burton, check out how to does it.

Fun Magic Show For Kids Party