Magic Tricks are fun to do because using cool tricks is a great way to make friends and an awesome way to impress the ones you already have.  Beginning with magic is not very hard, because there are lots of easy magic tricks that anyone can do, so you will be going tricks like a David Copperfield in no time.


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To do magic like Copperfield, the tricks have to be mind blowing, but you can start doing magic card tricks.  Card tricks always have a wow factor, and  many that are really easy as well.  After you are comfortable doing card tricks, more to the props tricks, and test them out on your crowd.  The best people to test your skills on is your family, but keep in mind that they might want to know how you did your tricks, but it is up to you if you want to tell them the secrets or not.  If you decide to do the tricks more than once, your crowd will start to look for the secrets to your tricks, so do not repeat the same tricks often.

Now, I know basic tricks are cool, but you want to learn how to do those incredible tricks too.  You wanna do tricks so awesome that others will drop their mouths.  At Last Learn The Top Secrets Professional Magicians Do Not Want You To Know – Period!

A stunning new course has just appeared on the internet that promises to reveal the top secrets professional magicians do not want you to know.

And you know what?

It really does! A professional magician who read the course recently said this:

“I have been a pro Illusionist for over 30 years, this eBook should not be allowed it gives too much away, it’s about the best value book ever for a person to learn from, the writer will never get into the Magic Circle after publishing this!”

The course is the Mind Blowing Magic Collection and it slays audiences. All the effects I learned from it were easy to learn and got killer reactions!

Apparently there is only going to be around 500 courses made available so as not to saturate the market.

I think it’s still available, but not for long so check it out at:

(I grabbed a copy myself recently and the effects taught made me grin from ear to ear, this is powerful stuff.)

One of the best thing about this particular course is that you can get a free trick if you go to the page.  Although the trick is good, the full course is better.  The amount of tricks in the Mind Blowing Magic Tricks course is fantastic, and the wow factor is so amazing that David Copperfield himself would be amazed.  David Copperfield loves doing tricks that blows the audiences minds and you can too.  Check him out.

Once you have a few tricks that you know how to do, you should consider putting on a magic show for the neighborhood.  If you choose to do a show, you have to look like a magician and act like one too.  Start off with something basic, like a top hat and maybe a cool jacket, then you can add on as you learn more tricks.  When doing your show, remember to have a cool final trick that will leave your crowd guessing, and they will want to see you perform again the next time you do a show. A David Copperfield magic show always ends his shows with a great magic trick, and you should have not problem finding one too by using the tricks in Mind Blowing Magic course.

Another cool way mind blowing magic is fun is when you show the tricks at parties.  Cards tricks are the best tricks to do in public because cards can easily fit in your pocket.  Here is another cool thing about card tricks, some tricks do not require any prep work, so you can just go to someone’s home, ask for a deck of cards, and do an awesome trick.

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I'm gonna make this cheese disappear

Overall, magic is cool no matter if you just want to learn a few tricks to amaze your friends, if you want to put on a magic show for fun, or you want make a few dollars.

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