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The Magic Show Acts Help Magicians Improve Their Skills


Magic is great to watch because it is just so amazing.  Magic is fun to do, but to truly learn and perform it well, you have to see some of the magic show acts done by the best magicians.  Magic is not as popular as it was years ago, but it is still cool. The magic shows tv in the 90s were usually about an hour long, and they were awesome.  Watching a magician in action is a cool way to learn proper techniques and it helps improve your skills with a crowd.  Because of this, you should consider watching professional magicians during their performances.



One of the easiest ways to watch magic shows is when they air on magic shows on TV, however, the magic show or shows of the 90s do not air anymore, and those were some of the best ones.  Years ago, especially during the holidays, networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX always aired magic shows, and they were awesome.  Today, however, there are no magic shows around, but there still is a way to enjoy their acts from the awesome shows.  David Copperfield, Chris Angel, Lance Burton, and Penn and Teller are some of the many magicians you need to watch when they perform during their magic shows. There are tons of DVDs available featuring some of the best magicians.  The advantages to having the DVD of the magicians are that you get extras and special features.  Some of the extras will give you access to the magicians after the show, and you might learn some extra tips from the magicians themselves.  Another cool thing about having a DVD is that you can enjoy watching your favorite magicians anytime you want.

Lance Burton is one of the best magician around and his DVD as worth seeing.  His Magic Made Easy Volume 1 DVD teaches you cool tricks, and his Secrets of Magic DVD give you lots of helpful information along with the secrets to some of his cool tricks. 


the magic show

I'm a champ at doing magic


As mentioned, earlier, those shows of the early 90s do not air anymore, however, I found a cool Lance Burton show.  Get a bowl of popcorn and enjoy.

When it comes down to it, there is nothing like watching the magic show live in person, and the best place to do it is by going to Vegas.  Vegas is the best option because there are magic shows everywhere featuring some of the best magicians.  Although Vegas is great, it is not the only option when it comes to kids, because if they love magic, finding a kids magician to perform is the simplest way to go.  Magicians like to perform for crowds, so the best place for a kids magician to perform is a school.  Getting the magic show for kids at school is as simple as running a fun raiser or talking to everyone is your community about having a special event for the kids at school.

The Magic Show Need Good Tricks

Easy Magic Tricks Kids For The Dinner Table


During dinner time, everyone is eating, and their attention is on the food, so it is a good time to bust out some dinner themed magic tricks.  The cool thing about during magic tricks at the dinner table is that the tricks are dinner related; the props will be items like dinner rolls or a fork.  Dinner time easy magic tricks for kids has to be simple, magic lessons for kids will not be needed; some tricks, however, do require a little prep work.  Do the prep work in another room, otherwise other family members will know that you are up to something.



Dinner time magic tricks have to include dinner items.  There are lots of dinner tricks that kids can learn and perform in the books.  If your kids want to do magic before or after dinner, the books below is an excellent choices, find out more about by clicking any one of the links.


In the mean time, here are some dinner tricks kids can try.  The first trick does not require any type of prep work, but you do have to get in a certain place at the dinner table.  The trick is called the Bouncing Dinner Roll and the trick makes everyone think that you are bouncing a dinner roll off the floor.  The reason why you need to sit in a certain seat at the table is because you do not want anyone to see the secret to the trick.  Basically any seat will work as long as no one is on the sides of you, everyone has to be in front of you.

Bouncing Dinner Roll

easy magic tricks for kids

So easy puppies can do them

The Balancing Egg is one of those easy magic tricks for kids that is very easy to learn, and you only have to do a little prep work when no one is around.  You just need a bit of salt and something to cover it up with.  This trick will make the egg look as if it is balancing on its own.

Balancing Egg Magic Trick

The Pepper Trick is a cool trick that does not have to be done at the dinner time, but it can if you want to do a small dinner table magic show.  This trick requires a few things and a little prep work, because in this trick, you make the pepper move on the water when you touch it with your finger.  The secret to this trick is dish soap, which will be on your hand.

Pepper Trick

Making a glass balance on a dish is a cool and it is one of those magic tricks for kids that may require the help of a parent.  This is another trick that requires a bit of prep.  This trick uses a glass and a plate, and you will make the glass balance on the plate, and then balance it on a super thin playing card.  As mentioned earlier, trick may need the help of an adult due to the used of scissors,  however, it is a still one of many easy magic tricks for kids that they should give a try.

Balancing Glass

A very neat after dinner trick is called the Tooth Pick Pulse, which makes a tooth pick seem like it can read a pulse.  This trick only requires a tooth pick, and it is a nice trick to do on a sibling.

Toothpick Pulse

If you happen to have a bottle of water at the dinner table, you can do the No Gravity Ketchup trick.  This one is an amazing trick that makes everyone think you can control at packet of ketchup.  You have to prepare this magic trick before you do it because you have to have the right ketchup packet.  If you do not have a good one, the packet will not float up and down for you.

No Gravity Ketchup

Easy magic tricks for kids have to be fun, like this.  Most tables have salt shakers, so the Vanishing Salt Shaker trick is a proper trick for the dinner table.  No prep work is needed for this cool trick.  Basically, you just put the salt shaker on the table and cover it with a napkin, and then you make it disappear.  Another cool salt shaker trick is the Magnetic Salt Shaker trick, which makes your finger magnetic and the salt shaker will stick to it.

Disappearing Salt Shaker

Magnetic Salt Shaker

Fun Easy Magic Tricks For Kids

Learning Magic Card Tricks


When it comes to during magic, lets face it, some tricks are tough to do.  During tricks is suppose to be fun, because when you see someone’s face after you do good tricks, it’s wonderful.  There are tons of cool and easy magic tricks around that will amaze people; here is one of the easier magic card tricks.


Card magic is important for all magicians who want to do magic shows, but in order to do them, you are going to need a few a good deck of cards.  A good deck is one of the most important things you will need.  Depending on the type of magician you want to be, you be either used a basic deck of cards or a unique deck of cards.  Regular decks are any decks that are found in department stores.  These types of decks are great for casual card magicians.  The special decks are the decks that are very unique and standout.  These types of decks usually have a unique color, for example, the deck might be an all black color and the numbers will be white.  When you bring out a deck of cards that are unique at parties, people will quickly take notice.  The best thing about using unique cards is that they make you unique.  Even if someone cannot remember your name, they will remember the magician with the unique deck of cards.

Now for the important stuff, the tricks.  Depending on who you want to do card tricks for, you might need to learn many different types of tricks.  When it comes to kids, they like the simplest of tricks, and grownups like tricks that can wow them.  A good kid trick is a trick that does not require lots of math, they want to see their card magically appear or disappear in thin air.  Grownups want to be amazed because they are always looking for the secret to any type of trick a magician shows them.  To impress them, you need good card magic that they never seen before.  Magic card tricks, no matter if they are for kids are grownups are ideal for parties, and they are good conversation starters.

Card tricks are also great for making friends.  When you go to a party or event, and you want to make a good first impression, do a card trick.  Just keep the deck in your pocket until you are ready to show off your trick.  The best tricks to impress people are the ones where they are involved; basically you want them to pick a card and then you find it.   That is just one of the benefits of known how to do card tricks.

magic card tricks

These are some cool magic tricks

Card Magic Reveal has everything you need to know about card tricks, and the steps are easy to follow, and there are pictures too.  Learning magic tricks using card magic reveal is one of the best ways to do it because of the pictures included in the books.  The tricks are geared towards kids and grownups.  This course gives you everything you need to know about card tricks from A to Z.  Basically if you want to learn magics about  Hear what Terry, who is a customer had to say about this fantastic course.

Hey, I want you to be the best card magician around, so I’m going to give you some samples of the tricks you get in the book.

Card Magic Revealed: The Worlds Easiest Magic Trick

This card trick is so simple that it’ll definitely make you wonder whether you actually carried out the trick. The truth is you just don’t do anything! The card magic revealed is really astonishing but simple to trick people with.

The Effect

After you take out a deck of cards ask one of the spectators to shuffle it thoroughly. You ask him to name any two cards without the suit, just the name of the card.  Ask the spectator to put the card back into the deck after he names the two cards. Just concentrate really hard on it and use your showmanship to disillusion the people. After a minute or so ask the spectator to fan through a turned over the deck of cars and voila! The cards that he named before are right next to each other.

The trick

You really do nothing. The only thing you end up doing for this card trick is act like you are concentrating very hard to fool people when you put your hand on the deck. And the trick just works. This is the magic of math. Probability does the trick for you.

When the spectator names the two cards without revealing the suit, let us presume an Ace and a jack, he is actually naming four cards of each kind since the suit is not specified. That makes is a total of eight cards.

The theory is that out of the eight cards (Ace of Spades, Ace of Hearts, Ace of Clubs, Ace of Diamonds, Jack of Spades, Jack of Hearts, Jack of Clubs, Jack of Diamonds), at least one of the aces will end up beside one of the jacks.

This trick works almost 90 per cent of the times. The ten per cent of the times it doesn’t work then you just tell the spectator that you are not concentrating hard enough. And repeat the trick, it will work but don’t make the mistake of carrying the trick out on the same spectator over and over again otherwise you will not be successful each time.

However, the card magic revealed is bound to mesmerize your singular spectator.



Card Magic Revealed: The Vanishing Act

This card magic trick is very easy to perform but still has the effect of a bigger trick. Who doesn’t get awed by a little vanishing act?

The performance and effect

You display a pack of cards which are still inside the packet to your audience. Remove the deck from the packet.

Give one of the spectators the task of shuffling the cards and getting them to deal five cards and keep them face down on the table.

Provide the spectator with a pen and paper and then continue as follows. Lift each one of the cards one by one and ask them to write the name of the card. After they write all the names pick up all the five cards and put them back in the deck.

Give them the pack of cards and ask them to reshuffle it and check whether all the cards are there. They will find that one card is missing. And voila you pull the card out of the packet! The card magic revealed is bound to leave them speechless.

The secret

When doing the first step that is when you are giving your friends the deck of cards from the packet you have to secretly leave one card in the packet. Memorize the suit and the number of the card inside the packet making sure that the spectator is not aware of the card inside the pack.

The major secret trick occurs in the step where you ask them to write down the cards as you reveal the suit and the number one by one. Whenever you are revealing the five cards and asking them to write down, replace one of the cards suit and number with the suit and number of the card in the packet.

As you replace them in the card deck and ask them to check for the presence all the five cards one of the cards will be missing and you can shock them with revealing the card from the packet. The shock on their faces will be your pleasure. The card magic revealed is one of the most interesting ones and the easier ones as well.


Card Magic Reveal: Pull Cards Out Of Thin Air

This is one of the most basic card moves. It is a very easy to perform. In this trick you will appear to pull cards from thin air. But don’t be fooled by this easy card sleight. The card trick completely depends on visuals and can definitely create a good reputation among your friends.

Once you follow this easy sleight of hand guide you will be able to execute this impressive card production easily and with a confidence that will never be shattered.


The card trick will show you audience faces which are awestruck. Because though it is clear that your hand is empty, it will appear that you are grabbing cards from thin air but the truth is only what you know. The card magic revealed will be a shock for your friends.

How to perform

1.      Hold a small stack of cards from the deck in the palm of your hand in the palm position. You make the choice of the amount of cards. Suit whatever is comfortable for you. However it is not a compulsion that you hold a lot of cards. Try different combinations before you start the trick.

2.      Grip the edge of the stack with your deft fingers and use the thumb to peel of the top of the stack and pick out a card.

3.      Move the stack of cards up to the view of audience where they can only view the closed side of your palm. The cards are held between your thumb and the forefinger.

4.      The hand should be lunged forward slightly as if the card has been grabbed from thin air. At the same time you are also pivoting up the card.

5.      Now you can continue to produce the cards from thin air in this manner throwing down each card to the audience before producing the card by magic.

6.      Practice this trick in front of a mirror to see it from an angle to get the audiences perspective and choose the best angle for the trick.

The card magic revealed is bound to stun the audience.



Card Magic Revealed: Mechanic’s Grip For Holding A Deck Of Cards

If you want to do any card trick you need to have deft hands which can handle the deck of cards and at the same time do the trick and the card magic revealed will baffle the audience.

At the core of all card tricks which involve the sleight of hand are just a basic moves and methods. Let us take a look at the mechanic’s grip for holding the deck of cards.

This kind of grip is the basic way to hold the deck of cards for almost every magic trick. It involves a simple positioning of fingers around the deck of cards.

To form the special grip, firstly hold the deck in your hand with your palm facing up. Take your pointer finger and place it on the side of the deck which is facing away from you. Take the middle, index and the pinkie finger and position them on the other side of the deck. Your thumb should finally hold the deck together on the opposite side of the remaining fingers which are already placed.

Such a grip ensures that you cover a lot of area of the deck of the cards which makes it harder for the audience to see some skill moves you will be making in many tricks. This position helps you in a plethora of tricks like the double lift, peeking and more.

This grip is an absolute essential to learn magic tricks involving deck of cards. It is recommended for beginners to practice holding a deck of cards with this grip and it is imperative that you walk around with the mechanic’s grip. It will help you train your hands to act normal while holding the deck.

To master the card magic tricks, it is absolutely vital that you keep practicing this on a regular basis on a daily basis. It has to become routine to you that you will be able to do it in your sleep as well!



Card Magic Revealed: Card That Jumps

This card magic trick is a visually baffling street magic trick which is sure to leave your audience gasping for more.

The Effect

A spectator picks up a random card from the deck which you present to him. The card is re-inserted into the deck without you not having seen the card. And then the moment the deck is the dropped on the table the spectator’s card jumps out from the pack and lands face up to reveal itself on the table. Voila! The card magic revealed is bound to leave your spectators speechless.

The Method

Shuffle the deck of cards so that the audience doesn’t doubt your card magic trick.

Fan out the cards in your hand.

Ask a person from the audience to pick any card from the deck.

Do the following two maneuvers when your spectator is memorizing their card.

  1. Move the top card in the pack to the bottom of the pack and while doing this flip it faces up. This has to be done quickly. So the deck you are holding now has the bottom card facing upside down.
  2. Now turn the whole deck over quickly and you have an upside down deck. But since the top card has been reversed, it will look like a regular deck of cars.

Now hold the deck in front of you ensuring that you don’t fan the cards at all since you might reveal the upside down deck. Ask the spectator to insert the card back into the middle of the deck.

As you face away from the spectator turn the top card also upside down and quickly scan through the deck to find the upside down card inserted by the spectator.

The card magic trick you are about to reveal will culminate with this final step.

Immediately place the spectator’s card on top of the deck and then hold the deck from above. Using your sly hands slide the top card back off the deck slightly so that you can do the next trick which will stun your audience.

Drop the deck from two feet above and as soon as the deck comes in contact with the table. The top card will amazingly flip over. The card magic revealed will inevitably shock your audience and connect your audience with you.


Easy Magic Card Tricks

Magic Tricks For Kids To Do At School


The classroom is a place to learn new things, but sometimes class ends a little early or starts late, and kids do not have nothing to do until the bell rings.  During this time is a great time for magic tricks for kids, and if the tricks are good enough, they can even impress the teachers.  Magic tricks to do a school are cool; the best stuff to use are things already found at school, such as pencils, books, and paperclips.


Classroom magic tricks can be done for fun and they can help kids get good grades as part of a school project.  Because getting good grades is more important than doing magic tricks for fun when it comes to the classroom, kids should try doing education based tricks first.


Many of the magic tricks are science based magic tricks so they can be shown as a project in science class.  There are lots of science base tricks that kids can do, many of them are found in kits here are a few I recommend.


When it comes to learn math with magic, it can be a lot of magic and educational.  Here are some of the ones that kids will love using.

The first of the regular classroom magic tricks is an easy trick to do, and all you need is a pencil.  This trick will make it look like the pencil is stuck to your hand using magnetic energy.  Do this trick before a test, and the other classmates will be wondering how you did it.  To do this trick, you have to make sure you are in a good spot in the classroom or other kids will see the secret.  This trick only requires a pencil.

Learn How To Magnetize Your Pencil

magic tricks for kids

Pay attention

This is a cool magic trick that kids can do before class starts, but they will need a coin.  If you have lunch money, this is a good one to use.  This trick will have your other classmates mouths hanging in amazement.  This trick does not have to just be performed in the classroom, you can do it on the playground, or even at home.

Get The Steps For Go Go Quarter

This magic trick for kids can be done by grownups too because it is fun and simple to learn.  This trick makes a dollar flip upside down with magic, which will make other kids wonder.  This trick is nice to do when paying for lunch in the lunch line, or it can be done in class right before lunch when the other kids are getting their lunch money ready to buy their food.  Out of all the magic tricks to do a school that involves money, this is one of the best.

Check Out The Topsy Turvy Dollar

This trick is very, very easy, and once you show it to your other classmates, they will show it to other people, but that is not a bad thing because it is just a funny trick.  All you need is a dollar bill to do this trick, so display this trick in the lunch line or before lunch starts.

Learn The Smiling Georgie Trick

The jumping rubber band is a fun to do trick if you happen to have a rubber to tie something up with, such as a group of cards or something.  You can also bring your own rubber band to class to do this trick.  This magic trick for kids is one of the simplest tricks because all you have to worry about is keeping your fingers a certain way.

Learn How To Do The Jumping Rubber Band

The book test magic trick is an easy trick, but you can’t just do this trick anytime, you have to prepare for this one ahead of time.  Once you have prep work done, you can perform it, after you practice it a few times.  This trick is about making the other kids think that you can see through the book they choose.  This trick require a few books, and they have to be paper back books.

Get The Steps For The Book Test Magic Trick

This next classroom magic trick is one of the best magic tricks to do at school; it should be done after class because it requires a lot of steps, and if you do this trick rushed, you might mess up.  So do not do this trick before class, instead, do it when you have time once class has finished.  You should also consider doing this trick during recess, that way you will have lots of time to do this awesome trick.

Learn The Coin Under Watch Trick Which Is One Of The Coolest Coin Based Magic Tricks For Kids

These tricks should be enough to make classmates smile and wonder.


Cool Card Tricks For Any Skill Level


Magic tricks are awesome, but most of them take time to prepare, but not these tricks.  These cool and easy magic tricks take little time to learn, and you can do them for your friends in minutes.  These cool card tricks can be done with any deck of cards, you will not need a special magic deck of cards.  Chris Burton is an expert at card tricks, check him out


Chris Burton’s tricks are super cool, and he is giving away the secrets of one of his tricks for free along with free access to his weekly Secret Vault newsletter. Go ahead and get the free tricks and join his newsletter by clicking the link.

Learn One Of Chris Burton’s Cool Card Tricks

Basically there too types of card tricks; there are the basic card tricks and the cool card tricks.  The basic types of tricks are the ones you see most of the time at magic shows; these tricks are wonderful, but they will not have people talking about them the next day.  The cool tricks are the types of tricks that when people see them, they tell all their friends.  A cool trick also helps the magician stand out more and be noticed.  If you are serious about about doing amazing card tricks, then I highly recommend you join Chris Burton’s paid membership because you will get lots of videos that teach you how to do outstanding tricks that will leave people with their mouths hanging.

The best part about knowing how to do cool card tricks is using them in fun and exciting ways.  One of the best ways to use the tricks is in public places.  Suppose you are waiting at the bus station for the bus to arrive; pull out your deck of cards and show the person next to you a cool magic trick.  Do the trick successfully, and before you know it, other people will be standing near you watching you do your thing.  Parties are another place you can bust out your cool tricks.  Pick the best ones, and you will have a fan base before you know it.

Generally, you can use cool card tricks casual or you can use them as part of your own magic show.  Without a doubt, the tricks in Chris Burton’s magic course are so good people will actually pay to see them performed.  You can easily take some of the tricks in the course and do a show with them at your home or your backyard.  All of the tricks will amaze grownups and kids, just remember to not do the same tricks over and over for the same crowd because you do not want them to find out the secrets to the tricks.


cool card tricks

Those tricks are cool


Fun Ways To Use Magic Like David Copperfield


Magic Tricks are fun to do because using cool tricks is a great way to make friends and an awesome way to impress the ones you already have.  Beginning with magic is not very hard, because there are lots of easy magic tricks that anyone can do, so you will be going tricks like a David Copperfield in no time.


magic tricks exposed

To do magic like Copperfield, the tricks have to be mind blowing, but you can start doing magic card tricks.  Card tricks always have a wow factor, and  many that are really easy as well.  After you are comfortable doing card tricks, more to the props tricks, and test them out on your crowd.  The best people to test your skills on is your family, but keep in mind that they might want to know how you did your tricks, but it is up to you if you want to tell them the secrets or not.  If you decide to do the tricks more than once, your crowd will start to look for the secrets to your tricks, so do not repeat the same tricks often.

Now, I know basic tricks are cool, but you want to learn how to do those incredible tricks too.  You wanna do tricks so awesome that others will drop their mouths.  At Last Learn The Top Secrets Professional Magicians Do Not Want You To Know – Period!

A stunning new course has just appeared on the internet that promises to reveal the top secrets professional magicians do not want you to know.

And you know what?

It really does! A professional magician who read the course recently said this:

“I have been a pro Illusionist for over 30 years, this eBook should not be allowed it gives too much away, it’s about the best value book ever for a person to learn from, the writer will never get into the Magic Circle after publishing this!”

The course is the Mind Blowing Magic Collection and it slays audiences. All the effects I learned from it were easy to learn and got killer reactions!

Apparently there is only going to be around 500 courses made available so as not to saturate the market.

I think it’s still available, but not for long so check it out at:

(I grabbed a copy myself recently and the effects taught made me grin from ear to ear, this is powerful stuff.)

One of the best thing about this particular course is that you can get a free trick if you go to the page.  Although the trick is good, the full course is better.  The amount of tricks in the Mind Blowing Magic Tricks course is fantastic, and the wow factor is so amazing that David Copperfield himself would be amazed.  David Copperfield loves doing tricks that blows the audiences minds and you can too.  Check him out.

Once you have a few tricks that you know how to do, you should consider putting on a magic show for the neighborhood.  If you choose to do a show, you have to look like a magician and act like one too.  Start off with something basic, like a top hat and maybe a cool jacket, then you can add on as you learn more tricks.  When doing your show, remember to have a cool final trick that will leave your crowd guessing, and they will want to see you perform again the next time you do a show. A David Copperfield magic show always ends his shows with a great magic trick, and you should have not problem finding one too by using the tricks in Mind Blowing Magic course.

Another cool way mind blowing magic is fun is when you show the tricks at parties.  Cards tricks are the best tricks to do in public because cards can easily fit in your pocket.  Here is another cool thing about card tricks, some tricks do not require any prep work, so you can just go to someone’s home, ask for a deck of cards, and do an awesome trick.

david copperfield

I'm gonna make this cheese disappear

Overall, magic is cool no matter if you just want to learn a few tricks to amaze your friends, if you want to put on a magic show for fun, or you want make a few dollars.

David Copperfield Magic Show

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