Looking Like A Magician Or A Magic Fan


Magicians who really love magic generally dress the part.  Dressing the part is fun, and it is helpful in so many ways as well.  Doing magic tricks in normal clothes is ok, but it is better when you are wearing something that says you are a magician.  When it comes to doing full magic shows for the public, wearing something like a top hat or a cape will help you get notice.  Even if you do not plan on during full shows, having magic based gear can still benefit you.


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When it comes to being a magician who does full shows, wearing some sort of shirt or magic based apparel will help you.  Suppose you decide to do a magic show for a school, and you perform in normal clothes.  When you walk down the hall, the teachers might think you are a student‘s parent, but if you dress like a magician, you will not have this problem.  When kids see you walking down the hall in a top hat, they will get excited and ask to see tricks.  The most kids see you before the show, the more hyped they will get to see you perform.


Back in my day, magicians wore tuxedos

Looking like an old school magician is cool too, but not for everyone.  Old school magician always wore suits doing their magic show, along with white gloves.  The tuxedos usually were blank and had a split in the back of the jacket.  The advantage of a wearing tuxedo is that anyone who wears it instantly stands out.  If you walk into a room wearing one, people will know you are some kind of performer.  The negative thing about wearing a tuxedo is that it will get hot during the summer, especially during outdoor shows.

Casual people can benefit from wearing magic based gear as well; by wearing a magic t shirt or a cap, you will get the attention of other magic fans.  When going out to see a movie, put on a tee to show everyone you love magic; when other people who love magic see it, you can make some new friends and even exchange magic tricks.  There is nothing better than gaining new magic tricks to add to your routine and helping others with their routine.

Other magic related items are worth having too such as note cards and stickers.  Note cards are a good way to get the word out about your upcoming shows in style.  Stickers are cool for the kids at your magic show.  The cool thing about stickers is that they are sold in bulk and kids like to share them.  Each time the kid gives a sticker to a friend, they will mention the stickers came from a magic show.

How To Do Magic Tricks With Comedy


Generally there are two types of magicians, the regular magician and the comedy magician. Each one is great, however, comedy magician tend to have a bit more fun. Adding comedy to a routine is a good idea, in fact, most regular magicians add bits of comedy to their acts too. The greats like David Copperfield and Lance Burton use comedy to make the audience laugh and giggle during their magic show all the time. Overall, every magician needs to learn how to do magic tricks with comedy because it makes the show more interesting and fun.

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The key to doing comedy during magic shows is deciding which places you want to add funny jokes during the show. One of the best spots to throw in a few jokes in before you start doing your tricks. Getting the crowd warmed up with laughs is a good idea because jokes will get them focused on you. When you do tricks before the show, try to keep them short because everyone will want see your magic tricks as soon as possible. About two or three jokes is enough; after that, bust out your first trick.

How to do magic tricks

Now that's funny

If you want to learn how to do magic tricks with comedy, you need to know one thing; full comedy magic shows and a normal magic shows are completely different. A comedy magic show generally has extra funny types of props that help play out the jokes. For example, a magician might have a goofy toy character that he makes talk during the show and then he make the toy do some magically stuff. When it comes to the others types of tricks, a comedy magician can make any magic trick funny, no matter if it is a card trick or a prop trick. Comedy magician also always have many tricks where someone comes on stage. Comedy magicians need audience members to play off of during the show; when they do this, they always ask the crowd member questions and then make fun jokes around the person’s job and other things. Comedy magicians also like to talk about what that person is wearing and how the person is acting during the trick. Getting laughing during the show is a comedy magician’s number one task, and magic is second. Check out how Chipper Lowell does it.


Regular magicians who use comedy, however, only throw in comedy in short bits throughout the show. Magicians who are story teller, like Copperfield, only use comedy during certain tricks and when audience members come on stage, check out the video in the post Fun Ways To Use Magic Like A David Copperfield Magic Show. Normal magicians like to have a show filled with lots of magic tricks and sprinkles of comedy. So no matter if you want to do a show as a comedy magician or a normal one, learn how to do magic tricks with comedy you have to be funny during your routine at point to keep the crowd interested.

Magicians Have Speaking Skills


When professional magicians go on stage to do a show, they always talk clearing, and they have the crowd hanging on every word they say. Magicians have confidence and good speaking skills, which this is very important for performers. Having the ability to do stand in front of a room of people and talk about something is a skill that magicians need and non magicians too. When you have the skill to talk clearly without getting nervous, then you are on track to become a professional magician who can do cool and easy magic tricks without any problems, like Lance Burton, check out his speaking skills.


During magician shows is fun, but even the professional magicians get nervous. Nerves is something you do not want if you want to be a magician. Lets say you want to do a show for a large group of people. You are pumped up and ready to go out and perform for everyone. You have all your tricks ready and you studied them well. You then go out on stage start to talk to the crowd, but as you look at the many people staring at you, you get nervous. This is not a good thing because this leads to unclear talking, and mess up speaking skills When it comes to doing magic tricks, talking is key. Many tricks have to be setup so that the crowd knows that to expect; if you go out there and stumble over your words, everyone will be confused. This is even worst when you invite someone of stage to be a part of the show. That person will excited to see magic up close, but if your speech is not clear, the trick will not work as you plan. On top of that, nerves will also make your hands shake, with is not a good thing for sleigh of hand tricks. Overall, when it comes to doing magic shows, there is no avoiding nervous, but there is a way to control it and here is how.

Public Speaking Extraordinaire - gain confidence to speak in public


Speaking skills also are helpful before and after the show. Magic shows need crowds, and to get them, you have to be willing to stand up and tell people or hand out cards. When you are doing these things, you cannot just hand out your cards and say, please come to my magic show; you have to sell them on the idea that your show is the best around, and to do this, you need the proper skills. Even after the show is over, you should go out in the crowd and talk to your fans. When your fans see that you have confidence on the stage and off, they will respect your much more.

speaking skills

Off the hook

Benefits Of Learning Easy Magic Tricks


When it comes to learning magic tricks, you can learn easy magic tricks, and intermediate tricks, or the advanced ones. Many people think that the easy tricks are just for kids, but they are not, easy tricks are for anyone who wants to learn tricks without lots of steps. There are benefits to learning and using cool and easy magic tricks, so if you want to learn magic, easy tricks are a great starting point.

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One of the best benefits to easy magic tricks is the short time it takes to learn them. Suppose you want to do a magic show, and you want to do lots of tricks; if you get a standard magic tricks book, there will be magic tricks in the book mixed with all the skill levels. It could be challenging finding the right ones that are easy to learn and perform. Besides that, if you try to learn all the tricks in the book for a show, it could take hours or days. Once you know how to do the tricks, you also have to remember them; magic tricks that are not easy tricks will have lots of steps, and remembering them will take lots of studying. The cool thing about easy magic tricks is that the steps are simple to understand and remember.

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easy magic tricks

I love that course



Easy magic tricks are also great for people who have temper problems or commitment problems, such as kids. Kids who try to do basic magic tricks might not understand the step, which may lead to them giving up or even getting angry. Kids who try to learn from a basic magic tricks book might need help understanding some of the tricks. Parents might have issues helping them learn the steps if they are too long and the pictures are hard to follow. There is nothing wrong with normal magic trick books, but when it comes to kids who have tempers or have issues understanding or following steps, stick to the cool and easy magic tricks, you will be happy you did. Here is a simple trick, worth trying.

The best thing about easy magic tricks is that you can quickly learn them and use them to help you make friends or possible make some money. By putting together a few easy card tricks, prop tricks, and other tricks, you will have enough tricks for a small show. You can do the show in your backyard, and it can either be free or you can charge people to see you perform. The price to see the show can be any price you want, however, it you plan to do a show for just kids, the cost should not be more than one dollar.

Magic World Of Fun Party


Parties are fun anytime of the year, especially themed based parties.  One of the best themes you can have is a magic world of fun themed party.  A magic themed party is fun for all ages, and if done right, everyone will leave happy.  To do this type of party, you will need a host, and some magic theme entertainment items.  This type of party can also be themed for a magic show birthday party.

magic world


Invites are important; you need them to get your friends and family to come to your party.  Telling them is ok, but giving them a note card will insure you that they will not forget.    Most stores will sell note cards that have magic items or characters on them, however, the words on the card will already be wrote.  To really make your guests excited, consider making a custom made card.  I made a rabbit character you can use as a card, and you are free to type whatever you want on the inside.  Click the note card to customize it and place your place.

When it comes to food for your magic world of fun party, you should make the meals magic based or make the meals or snacks in a magical way.  For example, you can use Kool Aid Magic Twists because this Kool Aid looks one way but tastes like something else.  Out of all the kitchen tools available today, there is only one that screams magic for a magic party, and it is the Magic Bullet.  The Magic Bullet is great because it helps the party host make cool party foods like dips for chips and drinks like smoothies and juices.  The wonderful thing about the Magic Bullet is that it makes things fast; the host of the party can entertain everyone just by using it.  Even when the party of over, the device will still get plenty of use because it makes pasta sauces, and it chops veggies for pizzas and much more.  This device is ideal for a magic show birthday party.  Check out the Magic Bullet by clicking the link.

Magic Bullet MBR-1701 17-Piece Express Mixing Set

Setting up your table is not tough, but here is a video for those who might need help.

The entertainment and fun is what keeps everyone happy, and a party is not a party without some music.  Because it is a magic themed party, you will want magic theme songs like BOB’s Magic or Magic Carpet Ride by Steppinwolf.  There are lots of other songs with magic as a theme, so if you know some, feel free to leave a comment.

Besides music, other important things are needed to keep the party going, and because it is a magic world of fun party, magic tricks have to be involved.  Having one person do all the magic tricks is fun, however, everyone will have an even better time if each person had a trick of there own to do.  Here is how this should be done; each party guest gets a trick to do using everyday items from a magic book.  The host of the party should pick a trick and copy it using a copy machine and give a different copy to each guest.  Each party guest studies their trick and then performs it at the party.  Once the party is over, everyone can share the secrets to their trick or keep the secret to themselves.  There are lots of magic tricks book available, for this task, a book called Amazing Tricks With Everyday Stuff is the best choice, click the link to find out more.

Amazing Tricks with Everyday Stuff (First Facts)

After the magic show, there is no better way to finish up a magic world of fun party than watching a Harry Potter movie marathon.  Harry Potter fans will love this; you should also get some Harry Potter theme games for guests to get them hyped for the marathon.  The Harry Potter DVD with all the movies are available in the link.  The UNO cards, and 20Q, and the Scene It are also great for the party, but they are also great for general Harry Potter fans.

Magic World Party Supplies

Illusionist – Lance Burton


When it comes to doing cool magic tricks and illusions and sleight of hand magic tricks, nobody does it like illusionist, Lance Burton.  Lance does sleight of hand tricks with beauty and flair; watching him in action is a treat for fans.  Lance is also a fancy performer; from his snappy bow tie to his neat suit, when people saw Lance Burton, they knew his was a magician.


Lance started out in magic at a young age; he was just 5 years old.  He was at a magic show at his mother’s factory during a Christmas party, and a man named Harry Collins did a trick on him; he made a coin come out of Lance’s ear.  From that point on, Lance loved magic.  He told many people in his neighborhood about the magic show.  Because of this, one of this neighbors decided to give him a book called Magic Made Easy; Lance learned all ten tricks from that book.  After that, he decided to do tricks for other kids in his neighborhood; he charged each of them a nickel.



Watch me make this watermelon disappear

Harry Collin, who has a full time illusionist, noticed Lance Burton’s love of magic, and decide to mentor Lance during his teenage years.  Lance Burton became a great magician as a teen due to his help.  The mentoring paid off, because in 1977,  Lance entered a magic contest, and he won first prize.  A few years later, he was given a reward called the Gold Metal Of Excellence from a group called the Brotherhood Of Magicians.  Once he turned 20, he moved to southern California, and before long, he was on TV.  He appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and he did a routine there.   Johnny Carson must have seen sometime special about Lance Burton as he watched him during his rehearsal backstage, because he let him do a 12 minute unprecedented routine.  He returned to the show 10 more times while Carson was hosting, and 10 more times during Jay Leno’s hosting run.  He also done some tricks on the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson.

Illusionist, Lance Burton does his magic tricks and illusions in unique ways, so young magicians can learn a lot from watching his shows.  Hand magic is not easy, because if you make one mistake, the trick is ruined.  To be the best magician at sleight of hand magic, you have to practice and then practice some more, generally in front of a mirror.  If you can do sleigh of hand magic tricks successful for your family members, then you can do them successful in front of a crowd.  Just remember to stay calm and relaxed, and do not be nervous, because you cannot do hand magic tricks with shaky hands.  The best way to calm your nerves is to get to know the crowd, tell some jokes; once you feel as if the audience members are your friend, you are ready to perform.

Illusionist Lance Burton

How To Be A Magician And Be Successful


When a magician does a great magic show, there were important things that made the show a success. If you want to know how to be a magician, each key factor is needed, and some of them cannot be purchased; they have to be learned. When the performer has all the elements, the overall show will be fantastic, and the crowd will leave wanting more.


The most important thing that a magician needs is trick variety, because when a magician does nothing but one type of trick, the crowd will get bored. When it comes to doing tricks, certain individuals generally like certain types of tricks. Card tricks are great for grownups because they understand the cards, but younger kids may have a difficult time following along. Kids like tricks where something magically appears or disappears after the magician does something cool. Because of this, you need a mix of card tricks and kid friendly tricks, along with cool tricks for all ages. You also need enough tricks so you can do more than one show and no one sees the same trick twice.  There are other things you need to know about as well, tons of things, which is why you need the ebook Become A Successful Magician For Fun Or Profit.  This book will teach you how to be a magician in more detail, plus you get a bonus book full of cool tricks.  Click the books to find out what information you will get in the each ebook.

One factor that some beginners magicians lack, but is greatly needed, is a sense of humor, especially if the magic show is going to be for just kids. A good joke will keep kids laughing, because when they are laughing, they will less likely boo you. Kids are tough critics, so if a magician is bad or boring, they will let the performer know. If possible, try telling jokes based on the tricks you are doing. For example, if you are doing a magic trick that uses an orange, tell a quick joke about an orange.  There are many joke books around, but the joke book in the link below has enough jokes for your magic show.  Besides humor, a magician needs to know how to handle cards, here is a video to help out.


Can I please come to your magic show?

Another thing that is important is stage presence. You cannot just jump on the stage and do tricks, you have to perform. A magician has to be able to setup the trick by talking or telling a story. When this is done correctly, the tricks will be much more interesting. Looking around and talking loudly and clearly is also important. If you do not pronounce a word right or you explain the trick wrong, your trick will not be as impressive. It is also helps to react to the crowd. Do not just do your tricks and then move on to the next one; ask questions and get to know your crowd. Overall, just go out and act as you naturally do, and the crowd will love you even more.

During A Magic Show For Kids At A Kids Party


Magic show are hits at a kids party if you do them correctly and have the right tricks.  Stage presence is also important for anyone doing a magic show for kids, because you have to act a certain way to keep the kid’s happy during the show.  A party is an ideal place to test out your magic skills, and if you do a good job, the children will be begging for more once your show is over.


When you are doing to do a magic show for kids at a kids party, you have to look the part.  Sure, you can walk into the room wearing normal pants and a normal tee, but if you dress up a little, kids will be more excited to see your show.  You can go all out and wear a suit if you like, or you can take small pieces of a magician’s dress code and come up with your own style.  For example, you can dress like you normally dress and just put on a top hat or a cape.  Cool tees are also a good choice if it has some sort of magic theme item on it like a magic wand or a bunny rabbit.  Here is one of my designs featuring a bunny rabbit, feel free to change the text under the image if you want or the color of the tee, click the link to see it.

Cool rabbit with green jumpsuit.  Change the text to “nothing is up my sleeve”.

kids party

Time to party

Choosing the tricks you are going to do for a crowd of kids is not tough, however, you just have to carefully pick the ones that they will understand.  Card tricks are cool to have when performing at a magic show for kids, but some kids may have a tough time following along when they have to remember a card in a deck.  Generally, the best magic tricks for kids are the ones where the magician makes something disappear or appear out of nowhere.  They also like prop based tricks that are big enough to see.  When a room or area is crowded, this is not good because kids will want to see everything the magician does on stage, so it helps to have big props to keep the kids in the back of the crowd happy.  Kids also like when they get to help out with the magic tricks, so be sure to included a few tricks like that in your show.

Nothing will make kids boo faster than a boring magician on stage, which is why you need to be exciting and have a bit of humor when you are performing.  When kids do not like something that will let you know, so practice before you do your show at the party.  Make sure you can do your tricks correctly without mistakes and practice on your speech during the show.  You will want to make the kids laugh a bit as well, so if you know a few jokes that related to a trick, use them, because the kids will enjoy your magic show even more. One of the best magicians who knows how to entertain kids is Lance Burton, check out how to does it.

Fun Magic Show For Kids Party

Very Cool Card Tricks For Beginners


Getting started in magic means that you need enough tricks to do a magic show. Generally, the more cool and easy magic tricks you have, the better and longer your show will be. Card tricks for beginners, however, have to be simple, but still cool enough to impress. Many magic card tricks can be done from a regular deck of cards; beginners should learn a few of them, and put them in there routine.


This first trick is very simple; this is a find the spectator’s card trick, and it is a twist on another trick like this one. The first thing you have to do is get a deck of cards and fan them out in your hand. Next, ask someone to pick a card, look at it, and then put it back in the deck. Now, here is where the magic happens. When the spectator is looking at the card, cut the deck, and quickly look at the bottom card of the deck in your top hand and remember it. Next, tell the spectator to put the card back in the deck where you cut it. Now, give them the deck and tell them to shuffle it. Now, ask for the deck back and located their card. The secret to finding the card is simple; the card the spectator picked will be in front of the card you remembered. One thing you must know is that the odds of your card being separated from the spectator’s card during the shuffling are low, but it still can happen, so do not do this trick too many times.  Because this trick is so simple, it is a card tricks for beginners that anyone can try.

Learning lots of beginner card tricks can help you because the more you have, the better you will get.  Learning from a book is a good idea as well.  Here are some of the best beginner card trick courses worth having. The last link is a DVD, if you want to learn faster.



card tricks for beginners

Easy tricks, yipee

To practice doing some beginner tricks, check out these few videos.; these are some very cool and easy tricks.  This trick is a simple trick, but it has many steps, so you have to see it to understand how to do it. In this trick, you will find the spectator’s card again, but in a fun way; it is involves three 8s.

Here is another fun find the card trick.  When it comes to magic card tricks, a card can be revealed in many different ways.  A good magician has tons of find the card tricks in their routine, like this one where the magician’s plan is to throw the spectator’s card.

Here is a trick that requires two decks of card, and it requires some prep work, but overall, it is a fun trick to do.  This trick will leave the crowd with their mouths hanging.

There are lots of card tricks for beginners  where you find the card, but this one is very cool. The reason why this trick is so cool is that you shuffle the deck, which makes them think you have no way of finding their card, but you will. This trick seems like it is a lot of work, but it is one of the simplest and easiest magic card tricks for beginners. The steps to doing this trick cannot be explained without seeing it, so check out the video.

The simpler the card tricks the better, and you cannot get any simpler than this card trick. Basically, this trick will about revealing the same card in four piles of cards, and the cool thing about this trick is that the trick works itself out. This means the only thing you have to do is a little prep, then perform the trick.

There are many other card tricks for beginners around, and the more you learn, the better your magic show will be.

The Magicians Magician – David Copperfield


Whenever magic shows came on television, David Copperfield was usually the main attraction or part of the show.  He is a very successful magician that has many world records, which is why he is the magicians magician.  He also has won Emmy awards, and Forbes has listed him as the most successfully magician in history, so young magicians can learn a lot from him.  Any David Copperfield magic show was always a success.  David Copperfield is best known for his story telling during his magic acts and his comedy.


If you are a fan of magic you have to see David Copperfield Illusion.  The link is below.


David Copperfield – Illusion


David Copperfield is not this great magician’s real name, his actual name is David Seth Kotkin.  The magicians of today like to use stage names too.  He started doing magic in his neighborhood because he was a shy boy.  He continued to do magic at age 12 to get dates.  As a teenager, he started to teach magic classes at New York University.  During his teenage years, he found a love for theater; he always sneaked in Broadway shows.  He really liked the musicals act on Broadway a lot.  At age 18, David got the lead role in a play called The Magic Man while enrolled at Fordham University.  While at the university, he started to used the stage name David Copperfield from the book which has the same name.  The David Copperfield magic show has been successful even since.

the magicians

Ta Da


David Copperfield did not get this first television debut until 1977; he generally was not looking to be on television.  He was discovered by Joseph Cates who was a producer of Broadway shows and television specials.  He choose Copperfield to be the host of a show called The Magic Of ABC.  Copperfield went on to do more magic specials called The Magic Of David Copperfield, which aired on CBS between 1978 and 1998.   Copperfield did 20 magic specials overall between 1977 and 2007. The magicians of today do lots shows like Copperfield, however, he has set the bar high for magicians who want to pass him.  During his awesome career, he his made appearances in movies such as Terror Train, but most fans like to see Copperfield doing magic.

Copperfield’s most stand out performances are on his Illusion DVD; it is a must own for anyone who is a fan of magic or you never seen a David Copperfield magic show.  This DVD includes many magic tricks from his shows throughout the years; magic fans need to have this in their collection.

Copperfield has done many tricks; some of his most famous tricks was vanishing The State Of Liberty, flying, and walking through the Great Wall Of China.  When Copperfield did these tricks on television, they were usually done at the end of the show.


Besides magic shows, Copperfield has other magic related merchandise for his fans too, such as DVDs and books.  Out of all the magicians merchandise around today, Copperfield’s work is worth seeing.  The DVD called Illusion, as mentions earlier, has some great magic acts on it, and fan will really love it.  His book is a good read as well because it contains stories about magic acts told by David Copperfield.

The Magicians Of ABC – David Copperfield

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